The Top 3 Out of the Box Crowdfunding Campaigns

Synergy Aircraft

Crowdfunding is the fusion of fundraising and technology, and it allows brand new entrepreneurs the means to be able to fund their ventures and additionally test their ideas.

It was originally created for non-profit companies, but like most technology, it has adapted for both non-profit and for profit entities.  Some of these platforms like Rockethub, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo have made average inventors into millionaires, all thanks to the idea of Crowdfunding, and we are going to give you the top 3 (most impressive) Crowdfunding Campaigns.


3. EXP Restaurant and Bar: Indiegogo

EXP Restaurant and Bar


EXP is taking an interesting twist.  They are taking two of the most favorite past-times, (gaming and eating), and they are creating an extremely enjoyable “gamercentric” venue.

From the completely redesigned drinks that fit the gaming atmosphere, to the food that is bite-sized so that gamers can easily enjoy, this is an innovative and interesting twist to the bar scene.


EXP Bar and Restaurant 2

Another creative outlook is their entire “exp” (experience) based business model.  Customers gain experience, unlock achievements, and gain prizes based on what they buy and how frequent they eat there.  They are also given free access to play any console video game that EXP has, while they enjoy their delicious food.

EXP has had quite a powerful crowd-funding campaign.  They have raised over 25K in about 15 days.  The benefits that they offer for the funders, are things like free drinks for life, naming some parts of the bar, and a few other nostalgic ideas.  They still have over 20 days to go on the campaign, but we’re sure that they’ll raise the rest of the funds on Indiegogo.


 2.  Synergy Aircraft Project: Kickstarter


Synergy Aircraft

Synergy aircraft is the revolutionary new model of airplane that brings the concept of allowing families to travel in style, comfort, and save gas.  They believe that the ancient old airplane needs to shed its terrible environmental footprint, and adapt into something new and sexy.

Synergy Aircraft: Kickstarter


So how did these daring aeronautics experts achieve this crowdfunding success story.

Simple…anyone who funded at least $100 gets a free ride in this game-changing airplane!

The campaign went really well on  They were shooting to raise $65,000 for their funding, and ended raising $94,781!!  The best part is they are not even done the campaign even though they are at 145% of original funding goal!!


 1. Extra Credits: Rockethub


So now it’s time for the crème de la crème of Crowdfunding projects.  We want something that really blows all other Crowdfunding ideas out of proportion, and really get the juices flowing!!

This project on was originally going after only $15K, and ended up being funded a total of over $103K from over 3,000 contributors.  The fund was from an original web-comedy and was used for a few graphic designers as well shoulder surgery for their top artist as well as creating a top-notch video game!!

Extra Credits: RocketHub


So how did a web-series raise so much money!  Well they offered things like t-shirts, picking topics for episodes, game testing, and my personal favorite, being flown out for a week to work on any game with James Portnow that you can think of (or anything within reason).  The campaign ended up getting 2 people total for James Portnow Game Designer benefit, and had a total of 3,824 Funders!

Well with the funding, Extra Credits was able to produce a mass amount of hilarious episodes as well as fund the game they were designing. The episodes caught on throughout the Internet population and ended up on the front page of the internet, Reddit.  Check out the high-quality design below!!

Extra Credits: RocketHub 2

The best part about this company, is that they were socially aware as well!  They said This has been more successful than our we could have possibly imagined.  We’d like to take the overflow and pay it forward by creating jobs that allow other people to pursue their dreams…and, with luck and dedication, maybe make a real impact on the industry at the same time.”

So there you have it.  Some of the most wild and crazy crowdfunding campaigns! So now you have to ask yourself, what’s stopping you from starting your own campaign.  Be sure to comment below about some crazy crowdfunding campaigns, as well as let us know of any campaigns your doing with just yourself or your friends!