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Startup Accelerator & Incubator

Our mission is to work with ambitious founders to help them accelerate their growth.

JuiceTank initially began as a startup incubator when Charlie Patel and Mukesh Patel observed how limited the resources were for startups.

Over time, the JuiceTank accelerator was born to help early stage startups  get the funding, mentorship, and resources to accelerate growth.

Rather than knock on doors of large VC firms, we offer founders a more personalized alternative to raising funds for their company.

It was obvious from the moment we launched our remote accelerator and began engaging with ambitious founders that there was tremendous demand for our approach to startup funding.

Since then we’ve backed more than 30 fast-growing SaaS companies across several continents.

“The Hot 30 Movers and Shakers of New York City's Startup Scene”

Here’s how we’re different than other larger accelerators:

  • Our program is remote and open all year
  • We have a strong focus on building profitable startups
  • We get hands-on with founders if they need our help
  • We invest in various corporate structures (not just C-Corps)
  • We can fund early-stage startups including pre-revenue stage

Whereas other VC firms are scouting for unicorns, we are seeking companies that can achieve several million quickly while building a sustainable business.

We own some wonderful businesses.

Since 2013, we have launched, invested in, or acquired many companies.

In that time period, we’ve built a portfolio of companies to demonstrate our expertise in taking software products to market successfully.

Our Majority-Owned Businesses

These are our core businesses outside of our portfolio investments.

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