Email Marketing Workshop

One of the common myths is that email marketing is dead: this is simply not true. In fact, email marketing is still one of the greatest ways to get a return on your investment and get find your customers for a low cost per acquisition. But with all of the new ways to optimize email marketing, the days of buying lists are over. Inbound marketing is the new deal, but where do you start? And how can you best follow up with your customers when you have so much to do already?

One solution is called PolitePersistence, Co-Founded by New Jersey entrepreneur, John Genovese. The goal of this workshop is to empower attendees with the tools and strategies necessary for developing their own personal follow up systems in order to do anything from find beta users, stay in touch with inquiring customers, cultivate relationships with venture capitalists, etc.

Core topics

  • Applying the 80/20 principle to your contacts
  • Leveraging appropriate surround sound communication channels
  • Developing personal follow up navigation maps
  • Multiplying yourself to keep in touch with everyone at the same time using virtual assistants

More About John Genovese

John Genovese is the Co-Founder of PolitePersistence, an automated email enhancement tool that adds minutes to the users life every time he or she sends a follow up email.

With experience in private equity and management consulting, John specializes in working with C-Level executives and entrepreneurs to enhance their communication with their customers and grow their businesses using the latest web technologies.

How Do I Register for This Event?

To RSVP for this workshop, please register on our Meetup Page (All Things Marketing). This event is open to everyone – JuiceTank members and the general public.