January 12: First Ideation Party of 2013 by Ideakube

Join us for the first ideation party of 2013 hosted by IdeaKube.

This is not your ordinary party.

IdeaKube plans and facilitates unique brainstorming events that are sure to get your creative juices flowing while meeting interesting new people.

In 2008, the founder of IdeaKube, Kriti Vichare, was exploring a fun way for innovators to meet each other and bounce business ideas. She believed that networking and brainstorming both could be integrated to create a cool, inspirational and memorable session.

She knew brainstorming could actually be fun, especially with others and that networking can lead to meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Soon IdeaKube was born.

IdeaKube Ideation Parties are innovative sessions that help foster interesting and memorable discussions for the intimate group of party-goers. Attendees can meet diverse, enthusiastic people to brainstorm about improving everyday products and services, bounce off business ideas, discuss issues and challenges, and have some fun.

No party is complete without eats and drinks so “creative” juices and snacks from around the world are served at each ideation party. Past menu items have included Korean basil tea, limited edition Mexican Pringles, Japanese sweet Ritz crackers and Bacon Ranch popcorn.

Find out more about Ideakube – see what others have to say here (http://www.ideakube.com/index.php/testimonials).


There are only 12 spots so sign up soon! To register, simply RSVP on the IdeaKube meetup page. For questions, contact Kriti Vichare on the meetup page.

• Kriti Vichare (@ideakube), Organizer of IdeaKube Ideation Parties
• Mukesh Patel (@JuiceTank), Co-Organizer of NJ Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups