Learn to Position Yourself as an Expert with Liz Lynch

One of JuiceTank’s speakers, Liz Lynch, is hosting a free content-packed call appropriately titled “The Visible Leader: Insider Secrets for Becoming a Sought After, Highly Paid Expert in Your Field“. This call is especially for those that needs to increase sales and acquire new clients but just does not want to sound like a salesman in the process. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice if these people just came to you ready to buy?

Perhaps you are an expert in your field, but it simply isn’t enough. You need to be seen as an expert, especially by the right people in the right way. They need to understand exactly what you do, see what you bring to the table, and choose to hire you over your competitors.

You will learn:

  • How to stop giving too much away to prospects who will never buy from you
  • Top strategies for standing out from the crowd and attracting perfect clients who need your service and are ready to buy 
  • The #1 way to dramatically increase your number of qualified leadsand tap into huge sources of potential opportunity
  • Simple secrets to getting access to the right people and getting past the gatekeeper
  • Liz’s formula for crafting a compelling message that grabs their attention and clearly communicates the value of your services

Liz will also share a proven 5-step system to raise your profile and your income, and avoid years of marketing struggle, networking overwhelm and under-earning.

To register for the call, go to http://smartnetworking.com/liz

All episodes of Smart Networking Shift are FREE, but you MUST register to get the REPLAY information if you are unable to make the LIVE call.