Making It & Made It – Both Sides Of The Entrepreneurship Table

Two men who are entrepreneurs. One who started when he was 16 and is now 6 years into the game. Another who has been at the game for over 35 years.

Two stories, two times, one discussion of their experiences of what it is like working today versus yesterday, and what they both expect what it will be like to work tomorrow.

We’ll also be taking questions from the audience. The idea is that this is a discussion and can really go anywhere.


The entrepreneur that we have on the youth side of the table started his first company when he was 16. Joshua is the CEO and Founder of Chop Dawg, full service company lined up with leading designers and developers that take ideas from concept and turn them into reality.

Chop Dawg helps create startups for inspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with a wide range of services including web and mobile development, branding and marketing strategies. Through a strong mix of services, Chop Dawg builds successful brands and helps entrepreneurs’ design, plan and implement their objectives.

Joshua spends his days being a innovative CEO and evenings networking with fellow entrepreneurs, testing prototypes and brainstorming concepts. He plans to utilize his skills in the years to come for innovative growth and to make a significant impact on the lives of others while bringing true quality in the startup scene one product and business at a time.


On the senior side of the table is Jack Killion. While he is Co-Founder of Bluestone + Killion a coaching firm focused on helping professional firm, corporate and non-profit leaders successfully drive their businesses’ growth using strong networking and relationship development skills, and the Founder of 14 year old Eagle Rock Diversified Fund, there is even more than meets the eye.

You’ll also learn that he bought a horse farm and ran that. He’ll tell you tales of gathering customer validation for his country music magazine.

A true entrepreneur for 35 years starting and growing diverse businesses and serving ob public and private boards following an early career stint with McKinsey & Company.


7 – 7:30pm : Networking & Food

7:30 – 7:45 : Introduction / Announcements

7:45 – 8:45 : Both Sides Of The Entrepreneurship Table w/ Jack Killion and Joshua Davidson

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