10 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs

If you’re starting a business, you’ve probably done some research for useful content geared towards entrepreneurship.  Unfortunately, there is a ton of material out there on the web, which makes finding quality content like finding a needle in a haystack.  We’ve compiled a list of quality, must-read blogs for entrepreneurs.

Quick Sprout

Neil Patel, co-founder of CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics, provides entrepreneurs with business advice and life lessons that led him to be recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama.  In case you haven’t realized it yet, he proudly states on his page, “I’m Kind of a Big Deal.”  Read through his detailed and genuinely useful posts, and learn from the best.


This online magazine provides insightful information and news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business opportunities.  With new and engaging content being released every day, Entrepreneur is full of failure and success stories that act as a great guide for any sort of small business or startup.


Started by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, StartupNation is a great resource that provides entrepreneurs with easy-to-follow, practical information that is crucial for anyone trying to start or grow a successful business.

Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur is an online forum for communities and entrepreneurs worldwide, and, as the name of the site would imply, it focuses mainly on young entrepreneurs and startups.  They provide many of the tools and resources that target the many different stages of business growth.

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch, is a specialist in small business marketing that can be done on a budget, and he offers great advice on social media marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, and generating referrals, which are all marketing methods meant to save businesses money.


HubSpot is an online marketing software company (which is pretty expensive), but they provide an unbelievable amount of free content through their blog and e-books.  They put a huge emphasis on lead generation and inbound marketing, but they provide information about marketing in all of its forms.


A great resource for news on information and technology companies, ranging from startups to large established firms.  If you want to find out about the latest news and what people are talking about in the world of technology, TechCrunch is the place to go.


Founded by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah, the two label this blog as “A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing.”  Providing its readers with a wide range of worthwhile articles, infographics, and case studies that get hundreds and hundreds of shares, KISSmetrics is definitely a blog you should be visiting regularly.

Steve Blank

Steve Blank is an entrepreneur who has achieved great success over time, and has picked up some tips along the way.  Ranked as one of the “10 Must-Read Blogs for Any Lean Startup,”  Steve Blank’s blog is a great resource for entrepreneurs.  He provides articles, guides, and startup tools that will benefit anyone trying to start a business.


Directly from their site, “Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.”  Copyblogger is the place to go if you want to learn all the ins and outs of content marketing in order to improve your copy, blogging, and calls-to-action.


There are plenty of other good blogs for entrepreneurs out there, but these blogs are ones that you should be familiarizing yourself with because they are constantly producing valuable content that can help you make immediate, positive changes to your business or startup.

What are some of your favorite blogs for entrepreneurs?